Thank you for your interest in carrying EstelleJoyLynn Jewelry, Trucker Hats and Accessories in your shop or boutique and applying to our Wholesale Club. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly regarding acceptance into the EJL wholesale club.

**Please note: EJL only accepts bonafide Boutiques, Shops, Box Stores, Brick and Mortar and online retail sellers who have an established business. Embroidery businesses will not be accepted.

If you own a wholesale business and/or you sell any merchandise/products to boutiques, retailers, etc. we cannot compromise the integrity of EJL pricing, designs, etc. and you will not be accepted into the EJL Wholesale Club. We do not accept any embroidery, vinyl, dtf, dtg businesses. We also don’t accept anyone who makes/prints their own apparel. The EJL team vets all applicants thoroughly and reviews accounts that have previously been accepted regularly. If you start to make apparel of the above nature, your account will be terminated.

***NOTICE: EJL Photos & Designs have recently been stolen by Shein, Mercari, Retailers, Copycat Wholesalers & others. Therefore, we have policies in place. By applying to the EJL Wholesale Club, you understand EJL does NOT offer Private or white labeling. You also understand and agree when purchasing wholesale from us, EstelleJoyLynn, LLC requires all EJL hang tags remain with our handmade signature jewelry and accessories Just like any premium brand, we expect that you agree you will NOT replace our EJL hang tags with your own. We have worked for years diligently to curate OUR brand/esthetic, which our customers have come to know and love. All of our jewelry and accessories are handmade and signature to EJL. It is important that the customer knows they are purchasing a handmade product created by EstelleJoyLynn, LLC. Our customers know the quality of the EJL brand. It is important for EJL to protect our brand and avoid confusion for the customer. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding.


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